Over 50 years of experience and service

Financial Solutions for Multiple Aspects of Your Life

Helping you make the right plans for your short-term and long-term financial goals.

Over 50 Years Strong of Financial Solutions

As a Registered Investment Advisor built upon Christian principles, Koinonia Financial's foundation is centered around trust built through relationships. Our guidance and consulting is based upon being good stewards of God's wealth, and our hope is for meaningful long lasting Koinonia with those we are fortunate enough to work with.

With tax efficiency and suitable risk management at the forefront, our team offers guidance and solutions for individuals and small business owners alike through a three stage process: Accumulating Information, Analyzing Opportunities, and Advising. This comprehensive approach enables us to provide dynamic strategies for our Investment Partners.

Koinonia Financial was founded in 2003 to be used as a “dba” name for LPL Financial to offer brokerage and advisory services. LPL Financial is a FINRA/SIPC member broker/dealer and an SEC registered investment adviser. In 2016, the firm independently registered as a state level investment advisor to directly offer advisory services. Brokerage services continue to be offered through LPL Financial.

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The 5 Pillars of Financial Success With Koinonia Financial

We focus our efforts on five critical pillars of financial health:

  1. Protect your family and manage risk through insurance planning
  2. Help your money work as hard as you do with proprietary wealth management
  3. Pursue a path to a work optional lifestyle with income and retirement planning
  4. Prepare for life's big expenses with customized financial planning
  5. Make sure your money gets to the right place after you pass with estate planning